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With 15,000 individuals, the Gutenberg Health Study (GHS) is one of the largest local health studies in the world and has successfully been conducted since April 2007 on the initiative of Preventive Cardiology and Medical Prevention at the Center for Cardiology of the Unimedizin Mainz. During the first study phase (end: March 2017), the participants were thoroughly examined twice at the study center. Currently, the second study phase has begun, during which the participants are now being invited to the study center for the third time.

The GHS is considered an interdisciplinary lighthouse project and benefits from the cooperation of many other participating clinics and institutes of the Mainz University Medical Center. In addition, there are numerous collaborations with national and international partners. In total, more than 100 study staff and scientists are working on the success of the study.

How healthy is the population?

The Gutenberg Health Study is a large-scale, prospective and representative population study. Within the scope of the study, the health status and the course of diseases of the population of the Rhine-Main region are being examined. One focus is on the examination of cardiovascular health. However, cancer diseases, eye diseases as well as diseases of the immune system, metabolism and psyche are also being examined. The aim of the study is to identify risk factors and causes of major common diseases and thus actively contribute to prevention.

On the following pages you will find all the information on the study, its procedure and your participation. 

A summary on the Gutenberg Health Study from the Annual Report of the Center for Cardiology 2020-2021 can be downloaded here (in German).

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